Is Your PPE Recyclable? Ours Is!

Kimberly-Clark Professional is committed to leading the way to zero waste in landfills. That’s why we created The RightCycle™ Program — our industry-changing initiative that takes recycling personal protection equipment (PPE) to a new level. Instead of used PPE such as protective clothing, nitrile gloves and safety glasses going into the trash (and landfills), these previously hard-to-recycle items are collected at your facility and turned into new consumer goods.


Transparency in every step


Want to know what happens to your lab waste after it's collected?
Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the RightCycleTM process and meet the business partners that support our program.

How We Help Customers Work Responsibly

Illustration of safety glasses, protective clothing and a purple nitrile glove

Step 1

Used eligible Kimberly-Clark Professional PPE is collected at your facility.

Illustration of wooden box filled with used PPE sitting on top of shipping pallet

Step 2

Collected PPE is transported to our recycling partner.

Illustration of cardboard boxes being filled with plastic pellets

Step 3

Products are sorted and processed into plastic pellets. 

Illustration of couple of green plants in gray flower pots

Step 4

Raw materials are molded into new consumer products.

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