Dress for Success

If your garments are compromised, your process could be too

Cleanroom garments are one of the major sources of contamination alerts and actions. See how Kimtech single-use garments can help you close the gaps in contamination.

Are you Dressed for Success™?

Being Dressed for Success™ means choosing a garment that can control contamination and give you the assurance to do your best work. Because when it comes to protection, you can’t cut corners. You need reliable, trusted solutions that will deliver the highest level of assurance — seamlessly.

Kimtech™ apparel is engineered to reduce contamination risk. It protects the environment from viable particles such as bacteria and yeast, and non-viable particles such as hair, dead skin cells and dandruff. It also offers significantly higher Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ratings than laundered reusable apparel.  


By contrast, laundered garments may degrade after multiple laundering and sterilization cycles. Testing conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional found BFE declines of more than 25 percent after an average of five washes1, equivalent to one out of four workers not wearing sterile garments at all.

Sterility guaranteed


Kimtech Brand garments are guaranteed to be sterile every time. Our apparel solutions close the gaps in contamination, effectively and efficiently, while delivering comfort to your employees. And that’s not all. The Kimtech Brand offers innovative gowning technologies, sterile and non-sterile glove products and task-engineered wipers that deliver precision performance for all your lab and cleanroom needs.


Scientifically proven. Intuitively designed. Reliable.

Before you get dressed, turn to the experts in sterile garments – Kimtech™ Sterile Single-Use Apparel – for seamless protection when and where it counts.

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